Hiring Questionnaire

Use this free-range, 100% organic JQuery checklist to determine whether I would be a good fit for your team. The higher the number, the better I'd get along at your workplace.

1. Are you looking for a promising junior or entry-level web developer / CMS ninja?
2. Does this developer need to have experience with either writing CSS (grids/flex/bootstrap), Javascript/JQuery, PHP, MySQL, and/or API calls?
3. Should this developer be a total n00b to content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, SiteFinity, and/or headless CMS's (such as Contentful)?
4. Do you have fizzy drinks at the office?
5. Are you looking for someone who loves learning new stuff?
6. In the event that I am hired, will you be paying me?
7. Do the majority of people at your company hate working there?
8. Would it be cool if this developer also had some Photoshop skills?
9. How about some data analytics/SEO/CRM knowledge?

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Total points possible: 320