• La Amistad English Teacher (August 2012-December 2013)
  • Creative Writing Club for Kids writing mentor (January 2012- May 2012)
  • Fiction committee member for PEEL Literary Arts Magazine, Appalachian State University (January 2011-May 2012)
  • Trail Crew, Appalachian State University (January 2009-May 2012)
  • Turtle Island Preserve summer intern (May 2009-August 2009)
  • Outward Bound Wilderness Expedition (June 2008)
  • Arts: Created and ran a liteary arts magazine (The BEET) in Boone, NC, planned events, collected and edited submissions, etc.
  • Music: Author and partner to several musical collaborations (see my solo project )
  • Other Interests: Hiking (I hiked the Appalachian Trail!), books, web dev trends, Reddit, running/biking/paddling, Trees Atlanta volunteer